Dr. Jason Rabineau’s work—called Argonetics™—has evolved out of more than 20 years of study and practice, including Rolfing Structural Integration, Chiropractic, various forms of traditional, somatic, and transpersonal Psychology, Conscious Language, Transcendental Meditation, Hatha Yoga, Bio-optic Holography, Pilates, Clairvoyant Meditation and Healing, Dermo Neuro Modulation, Polyvagal Touch, NLP, Access Consciousness and various Chiropractic techniques, such as AK, Network, BGI, TBM, Extremities, Gonstead, Diversified, and others.

Argonetics™ is a system combining hands-on bodywork and hands-off interpersonal healing and coaching to create change in your body and your life. Drawing from the best of Rolfing, Chiropractic, and many other healing and coaching modalities, Argonetics is designed to meet your individual needs on the deepest level to achieve the greatest healing possible.

Life can be physically, mentally and emotionally challenging.  Tending to our full selves (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) is the key to having an optimal, joyful body and an authentic, fulfilling life.  By addressing each client as a unique individual and embracing a broad spectrum of techniques and perspectives, Argonetics quickly and efficiently delivers results.

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